Hi there.

My name is Pieter Willekens. I am a 27 year old developer from The Netherlands.

I am a developer that likes to know and learn everything about technology. I currently work for a company called Interactive Studios, a company that makes cool webbased products. One of them is the Patient Journey App, an app that provides relevant information to patients at the right time.

At this particulary moment I like to work with both Laravel and NodeJS. In the future I would like to learn Rust and Flutter (in combination with Dart). Contributing to Open Source projects is also something that I would like to do more.

Next to programming, I like to make and listen to music as well. Going to concerts and festivals are one of my favorite things to do. At home I play a lot of drums and often listen to some vinyl records. I'm a big fan of movies and TV series as well.

Other interests of mine are astronomy, physics and a bit of philosophy.

Things I like to work with

While I code I like to use a combination of several languages and frameworks. During my time with Interactive Studios I've learned to work with NodeJS, Angular, React and Laravel. Which I really like.

A Few Accomplishments

Here are a few things I made.

Patient Journey App

At Interactive Studios I'm mainly working on the Patient Journey App. It's an app that provides information on the right time to patients. The content is fully managable by the hospitals or clinics providing the app. The app is built using Ionic Framework and using custom built plugins and scripts. We've won several awards with the app. For more information you check out patientjourneyapp.com.


Teamplay is a team management system made for sport teams. Teams can either track their scores, see the schedule or the standings. But are also able to select a MVP for each match. It has a built in scraper to fetch the latests scores of matches.
It is built on a custom framework called Surface which I made during the development of Teamplay. All written in PHP.

Open Source projects

I've made some open source projects as well. Currently there are 2 node modules which I've published publicly under the MIT license. One of these modules is called Logar. Which is a simple utility that helps you log to stdout.

The other one is called dir-templar. Which can parse an entire directory through lodash's template engine, and places the content inside an other directory. I hope to make more open source projects and contribute more to others.

You can find more information on my Github page.